Noah McMillin

Chloe Gisele

The founder of Surge is Matt “The Machine” Gould, twenty years old and from Eastvale, CA. Matt resembles a ‘70s guitarist reigning in the 21st century. Matt begged for guitar lessons after playing the video game “Rocksmith” and soon after earned the nickname “The Machine” for his intricate and relentless playstyle. He enjoys listening to rock and metal, his influences stemming from Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.

Matt "The Machine" Gould

Lead singer of Surge, Chloe Gisele, comes from Riverside, CA and is sixteen years old. Chloe – with vocals reminiscent of Ann Wilson and Axl Rose – is also known as “The Siren of Rock n’ Roll.” Chloe brings her love of singing and performing to the stage, always bursting with high energy and exploding out powerful ballads. Chloe grew up listening to Guns n’ Roses, Heart, and Journey and, through them, developed an eternal love for rock n’ roll.

Noah McMillin is nineteen years old and is the newest member of Surge. Traditionally an acoustic guitar player, Noah learned the bass in the past few years and impressed everyone with his aptitude for the instrument. He's been rocking with the band since the beginning of 2018 and has fit right into the family with his awesome bass riffs, cool attitude, and awesome hair. Noah hails from the Inland Empire and goes to school to study music.